Oops we blogged out of order! Here we go back tracking a little. There are a few things that I can say about this wedding…. and the main thing is “HOLY STUNNING BRIDE” We absolutely loved Sunny’s dress from Bridal Couture and her hair style looked amazing and matched the ruffles in her dress that also were repeated in the gorgeous peonies in her bouquet done by Blooms & Balloons. They also did a fabulous job on the ceremony decor with the fresh flowers climbing around the arch. Another thing that stood out to us at this wedding was the 700+ guests! Oh my, I seriously have never seen that many people in one place unless U2 was performing and even though I am pretty sure Sunny knows everyone in the world- I didn’t see Bono anywhere– and I looked. Then at the end of the night, Justin surprised Sunny with her wedding gift…. a shiny new Lexus! Sunny has had her eye on this whip for a while, and Justin picked up on her subtle hints— “Any time we were driving around town, and Sunny would see this car she would get all giddy and say ‘That sure is a purrrty car!'” Haha, and somehow he kept it a secret all this time, had the dealer deliver the car to the wedding and it was running in the parking lot at the end of their sparkler send off for them to drive away in! How romantic is that? So, Sunny had NO CLUE! She comes frolicking through the sparkler tunnel waving goodbye to her guests with a Hawaiian lei around her neck since they were headed to Hawaii for the ‘Moon. As she was looking for Justin’s farming pick-up to get into she didn’t notice the car. It wasn’t until DJ DAVE announced “And I suppose it’s time to spoil the surprise, but Justin’s wedding gift to Sunny is this gorgeous new car!” It sounded like she had just won a game show– and take a look at the reaction. I was shaking and had goose bumps while watching this with a V.I.P. view as she screamed at the top of her lungs and pretty much hit the floor. Justin, you did a great job dude. This is why we love our jobs so much- we get to witness and record these amazing moments in people’s lives. Enjoy.



Sunny & Justin Christensen- Married 7.2.11 – Sawtooth Winery, Idaho




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  1. Jim & Gerri Adkins

    August 21st, 2011 at 5:07 am

    Such a Beautiful Wedding …. you looked like an Angel Sonny and Justin looked equally handsome!! So sorry we had to miss it but really enjoyed seeing the pictures!! A real day to remember!I’m sure that Hawaii Honeymoon was wonderful!! Will look forward to seeing your wedding pictures at a later date!!
    Love to you both and “Be Happy and Good to Each Other”!
    Jim & Gerri(Grandma)

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