Just a couple of months ago we shot and featured the wedding of Kimberly and Travis Wingo- Part 1 to the twins getting married. It worked out that I ended up with the same shot from Jenn and Josh’s wedding of her identical twin sister attaching her veil in the chapel foyer at St. John’s Cathedral. A moment in both girls story that represents a lifetime of sisterhood and friendship. The moment where they separate to begin a new chapter with someone new- to go their own directions, but also represents that in their parting they will always be there to support each other. I have known these two gorgeous women for about 7 years- since my sister married their brother and I have been so inspired by them, and am so thankful to have been asked to be a part of both of their wedding days. And through getting to know them even more in this process, I will now always be able to tell them apart– of course at the same time they decide to change their hair color!

Jenn and Josh got married at St. John’s Cathedral, and then finished the afternoon at Owyhee Plaza.. and if one thing has the key to my heart, it’s peonies, and they were everywhere. So, a little about this couple- They are so hilarious and fun to be around. Josh’s enthusiasm is just contagious and you can see how much Jenn loves him when she laughs and shakes her head at his shenanigans. They really are perfect for eachother- and Josh’s ‘nerdiness’ might be rubbing off on Jenn just a little. They took off on their honeymoon to Disney land. Then I saw them at a family birthday party and was not surprised at all by Josh’s Mario Brothers T-shirt, but noticed that his child-like energies were transferring to his new cherĂ®e when she was sportin’ her new equally bright pokemon t-shirt! I love these crazy kids! Enjoy.



Introducing Mr. & Mrs. Josh and Jenn White- Married 7.9.11




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