Jessika and Zach met through a mutual friend almost 5 years ago, and it was love at first sight. They were so easy and fun to photograph, as they naturally cuddled each other and laughed the entire session. Jessika brought a bunch of sunflowers, which are her favorite and soon to be wedding flower. They also brought the book that Zach proposed with. He illustrated their entire relationship from start to finish and used pictures of their most favorite trips and times together. He finished it with a picture of Jessika’s ring and asked her to marry him on this last Valentine’s Day, in which he hid the ring in a box of chocolates for her to find.
A large part of their life involves Zach’s favorite hobby, motocross. Zach loves to ride and is slowly teaching Jessika how to on her very own bike. She loves supporting him whenever he races and is really enjoying learning how to ride, so we had to snap a few shots of their awesome bikes. I had so much fun during their session. They are so in love, cute, adorable, and so excited to get married this coming June. I am looking forward to their special day! 🙂




Jessika & Zach: Engagement




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