There really is so much to say about this couple and this wedding- but most of all, just how smokin’ hot they are! Monique and Nick are so natural together, and just like in their engagement session- they had no problem showing their love in that saucy, intimate way. What more could a photographer ask for?! I had such a wonderful time getting to know Monique, since she booked us last year and over several photo shoots together… I have come to absolutely adore this woman (total cliché coming right up… but so true) who is just as beautiful on the inside as she is on the outside. I love the way Nick looks at her, and the way that they go in so slow for the kiss each time. I think you’ll be able to see just what I am talking about!

Let’s talk about some wedding details. Monique did a wonderful job doing everything at this wedding totally DIY with the help of her very close family– with super props to her Aunt Tammy who took on the planner role. When I asked Monique what the style and theme of her wedding was she explained to me that it was going to be a GREEN wedding. Not only was their accent color different shades of green, but pretty much everything at the wedding was recycled or would be after, and not to mention all hand done by themselves, and they really did think of everything. The succulents on the tables were potted by Monique, the bouquets were all flowers from their very own gardens, the bridesmaids all found dresses that they would re-wear, they even made the cheesecakes.

Another green detail was the ceremonial tree planting that they did. This was something new for me, and I thought it was really sweet. During the ceremony, Monique and Nick scooped the first shovels full of dirt onto the roots of a new baby tree in a pot. Then they invited their guests to come up and add soil to the tree throughout the night to symbolize their support and nurturing of their loved-ones who shared in their wedding day. They then of course took the tree home to find a permanent planting spot for it where they can watch it grow for the rest of their lives. This was the second of a new tradition I got to see at this wedding. They also did a Ring Warming Ceremony- where before the ceremony began, the rings were placed on a long ribbon and the ushers held the ends on either end of each aisle while each guest passed the rings down the aisle. Some blessed the rings, and others just rubbed their good juju into them as they passed them along! Again, the theme of this family dynamic was prevalent… that they wanted all of their loved ones who had helped them get to this point in their lives to be a part of their marriage as well.

Throughout the course of the day, I teared up 3 or 4 times: During the first look, toasts, first dance, and then I totally lost it when I was thanking and saying goodbye at the end of the night. I don’t know what was up with my hormones and tear glands that night, but it was emotional for me and I think it was because they were so welcoming to me and I felt like I knew them just as much as all the rest of the guests at their wedding. So, all in all- it was a wonderful experience and I will say it again… I really do have the best job in the world. Thank you Monique and Nick for allowing me to do this. Enjoy.



Monique & Nick Sullivan- Boise Wedding Photography




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