Krissy and Zacks wedding was a whole lot of fun- and we must say, there were a few more firsts for the ladies at Ampersand:

Okay, where do we start…? Groom playing me on “Words with Friends” the morning before his wedding (THAT’S SCRABBLE DEDICATION PEOPLE!!) Personalized, pink water bottles filled with a special “lemon cocktail” that the girls were toting around, boys drinking Bud Light out of Brandy glasses, a giggling bride throughout the ceremony, a break for frozen yogurt right after the ceremony- they gave us a 20% discount on Krissy and Zack’s yogurt because “it looks like they just got married” , bride and groom “planking” over the tables at Aspen Leaf (Krissy & Zack instigated) because apparently “Planking is sooo twenty-eleven!!”, Bride and Groom replica bobble-head cake topper, surprise Flash Mob at the Reception, Bride so deep into her own air guitar session to physically lay on the dance floor in her wedding dress to AC/DC’s “You Shook Me All Night Long”!

What did I miss?

Throughout the whole day, Krissy and Zack just knew that they wanted a big party with the ones they love. The whole day was so much fun and we feel so lucky to be a part of it.




The Turner Adventure—8.27.11




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