For Teresa’s senior photos, she decided that she wanted to have a “travel theme” worked into the shoot and so we included a vintage suitcase, a camera, globe, as well as Teresa’s travel books as well as some flags that are very sentimental to her recent long study abroad in Italy. The book about Chile is the current fave, since Teresa’s mother is treating her to a trip after graduation next summer.

Teresa is one of the brightest, amazing, and beautiful young ladies I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. She has traveled to more places that most people could ever wish to go in a lifetime…and she is only 17 years old! We had a great chat about some of the wonderful places she has been to, her fluent Italian, all the accents she can fake, and the trusty shoes she can’t get rid of. 😉 For the shoot location, she chose to go hiking near her home of Hidden Springs, Idaho- since it is near and dear to her heart (what a beautiful view).

Now let’s talk about the shoot—uhm, can you say GORGEOUS!!?? Teresa credits America’s Next Top Model for her amazing posing abilities as well as the mastered “smeyes-ing.” We had such a great time, thank you so much Teresa for the chatting and letting me photograph your beautiful eyebrows….”totes.”



Teresa—Boise Senior Photography




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