Get used to these faces, because Justine got one of our full Bundled Up packages so we will be seeing baby Annabelle when she makes her debut in just a few weeks! I can’t wait to meet this little peanut that I am going to get to document for the whole first year! This Pickles & Peanut butter Session was so much fun and we shared some pretty good laughs while walking around downtown Boise on First Thursday! Luckily the rain calmed to a light drizzle but we brought the pink umbrella just in case and had maybe a little too much fun with that– until a HUGE Gust of wind came by and Greg flew away like Mary Poppins! Prior to Greg taking flight we were shooting in front of this super adorable retro building on the corner of 5th (ish) and Idaho until we realized that it happens to be a funeral home! We laughed a little, and then Justine was so cute and said something like, “Well, it just goes to show the balance of life and the universe. The fact that new life combined with death just makes sense” Sounds like some the things I “B.S.’ed” in my art school critiques to makeup a concept when really I just thought it looked cool! Haha, so to say the least… we really got along well and I am looking forward to getting to know them even more over the next year! Check back VERY SOON for baby Annabelle!


Justine, Greg and soon-to-be baby Annabelle!




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