Tyler is a senior at Mountain View High School in Boise, graduating class of spring 2012! We had so much fun on his shoot at the top of Table Rock. Tyler is such a sweet kid and a good sport for my dorky “wit.” He thought it was SOOOO fun to scare the living %^*$ out of me by pretending to dive off the cliffs. Ty, I think you have successfully contributed to my gray hairs! Waaaay too daring for me- and I am not sure our insurance policy covers that.

Anyways—Tyler has this UH-MAZING orange Jeep that he and his dad rebuilt together, even painted it in their garage. I must say, that thing is *mint* now…babied and polished with diapers. Along with his fab ride, Tyler sports an awesome sense of humor and a cute little half smile that I am sure high school girls go nuts for!

After getting all of his model shots next to the squeaky clean whip—Ty insisted on running it through a puddle, check out the play by play:




Tyler- Mountain View High School—class of 2012




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