Christina and Vania of Simply Bloom Photography have always been such an inspiration to us. They started out just like us- two girls going to school for graphic design and stumbled into wedding photography to find something that they loved doing. We have followed their work since we found them about a year ago and got pretty excited when we saw that they would be having a workshop this November in Hawaii! The conversation went something like this…



F: Looks like we’re going to Hawaii in November.
N: Oh ya? That sounds nice. Why do you say that?
F: There’s a Simply Bloom workshop on November 10th in Oahu.
N: Wow, that sounds like a great reason to go to Hawaii.
F: I think we have some rewards points on our American Express.
N: Let’s do it… we can write that off right?

about 2 days later:

F: K, are we doing this? I’m about to click the button to pay for the workshop!
F: Aggh- I did it! Looks like we need to book a trip to Hawaii! When should we tell Chris and Matt?

Haha. Seriously- that’s about how it went. We are probably the most impulsive people you would ever meet. That same conversation is what got us to start a business, name our business something that no one can pronounce, rent a studio space, invest in new equipment, hire employees, sponsor a child in Africa, and now it’s taking us to see beautiful places. Ya never know what it will get us next, but we do have fun doing it! So, we booked the trip and surprised our men with the news that they were coming with us. (We obviously need someone to carry our gear)

So, we do have some great pictures to show the fun that we had in Hawaii but of course since it was ALL BUSINESS (I think I can handle as many business trips as we can get) we thought we’d show you the business part first.

First we met with the ladies of Simply Bloom at their hotel to chat about the business of photography. They had some great advice and it was fun to hear from two girls who have their business set up so similarly to ours- and to see how successful they have become is extremely motivating. Then off to the beach for a gorgeous photo shoot styled by Jill La Fleur. It was a little windy and the storm clouds along with the giant crashing waves made me think we had a storm rolling in– but the nice thing about ‘storms’ in Hawaii I learned, is that it feels like someone turned on a mist machine for about 5 minutes and then the sun comes out again. Our lovely models were a real life married couple who are so beautiful and fun to photograph. (and that really is their VW bus- how cute are they?!) All in all, it was a great experience. Can’t wait to see where this career will take us next.

Ampersand Studios loves to travel, and we are available to shoot wherever you want to bring us!

Sweet baby Lennon tagged along on Christina’s hip– well, that is until she set him down and Nichole snatched him up of course! Such a cutie!A stunning color pallete and design put together by Jill. Have you ever seen such breathtaking flowers?! — Yes, of course they are real!In good company with Brittany Hildebrandt, Anna Cunningham, Rebecca Arthurs and Zlata Modeen. That poor girl getting attacked by the ‘Papa Rugsy’ (paparazzi in lady gaga terms.)HELL Yea! All canon ladies!We might have gotten just a little … distracted for a second.


Simply Bloom & Jill La Fleur Workshop in Hawaii- Destination Wedding Photographer




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  1. Lauren Murphy Clemons

    December 6th, 2011 at 8:20 pm

    Oh goodness! Can I renew my vows in a soft blue gown?!? I think I will.

  2. Anna Cunningham

    December 7th, 2011 at 11:15 pm

    Wow girls – it looks amazing! Wish I could’ve been there! Oh wait….! 😉

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