Oh my gosh, you know how they say that housekeepers always have messy houses and how chefs never cook dinner at home? We are absolutely horrible when it comes to dealing with our OWN pictures! Now that we are really sick of hearing about it from the men in our lives, here it is: Hawaii pictures from NOVEMBER!

As some of you know, Francesca, Nichole, and their two guys went to the beautiful island of Oahu for a photography workshop by¬†Simply Bloom—-see some of those photos¬†here.

Now these are the silly, goofy, behind-the-scenes photos of the dorks we truly are:

At the luau we went to- they taught us how to hula, and then pulled Frannie on stage:

Love this pic with the fire—

Lovely isn’t she?

So…the following photos are when the boys went to Pearl Harbor while we were at our workshop….we let them take a camera, and this is what ya get:

While Matt and Nichole were at Nordstrom Rack, Frannie and Chris found the set of Lost:

Snorkeling Baby!! (these photos were taken with an underwater point and shoot)

Next—the Sunset Cruise…”Booze Cruise” we had an awesome time, as you can tell.

Someone lost their grandpa………..awesome.

Matt, peeing off the side of the boat. Keep it classy.

Frannie dance partay!!



Remember when Ampersand went to Hawaii?




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