When we went to Oahu this last November for our photography workshop, we did some shopping…okay, a lot of shopping. While meandering through all the rad stores they have in downtown Honolulu- we went into a Kate Spade store. Both of us have loved the line for a long time, but shopping online and at Macy’s is nothing like going into the shop. We were first drawn in by the beautiful colors in the windows and the repetition of color and themes was throughout the store. Black and whites, pops of colors, and touches of metals- some great inspiration for a winter shoot? Yes!!

Soooooo—-what a better person to style a shoot around that our gorgeous bride, Chelsey and her fiance KC!? For those of you who already know Miss Chelsey, who is runner up of America’s Next Top Model cycle 15, us at Ampersand Studios were rooting with everything we have in us!! Yes, we are starstruck a little, I mean- look at her! But after practicing our French accents, we were able to roll. Sorry to be embarrassing Chelsey- we have to give the shoot-out, because we are ANTM NERDS…

The chemistry between KC and Chelsey is just absolutely adorable. She coaches him on his modeling skills and he is such a good sport- and a great model, we must say! We cannot wait to shoot your wedding this summer- congratulations to the two of you. You are so perfect together.





Chelsey & KC- Kate Spade Inspired Engagement Shoot- Boise Wedding Photographers




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