Want in on the ‘inside joke’ referenced in the title? Watch this video for a good time.

The Blue Balloon Café from Crapneto on Vimeo.

Anyway– now for the good stuff! Cora is a whopping one year old! I can’t believe it. Jess and I have been friends since like 7th grade and have lots of HILARIOUS memories together! Only hilarious memories actually! haha laughing just thinking about it. I can’t believe we are all growing up so fast! Jess had texted me a photo of this cake that she made for the session and she was SO proud of it. I was like, “oh it’s so cute!” because it was super cute… but I really didn’t understand. I thought that it was a barbie in a hula skirt sitting on a round cake. hahaha she was up slaving over this cake all night on the eve of the session, and come to find out…. the cake IS the dress… OOOOoooohhh! I get it! That is really cute! hahaha So funny. We laughed for a while about that. Maybe you had to be there, but it was hilarious as are all my encounters with Jess. The best part about the cake is when baby Cora easily rips the barbie torso from the skirt cake and it’s a fairly morbid scene complete with green and pink blood and guts. She’s going to take after her mom I think. Enjoy!


“Hawaiian Shirt!”…”Barbie Amputee!” … “Cute Baby!” // Boise Family Photographers




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