uh one uh two uh THREE e-sesh blogs in ONE day?! hole’ mole’!! Give the people what they want, that’s what I always say! Actually, I am not sure I have ever said that…but it is 7:17 and I am pretty sure its time to go to the gym…I do know that.

Ashley and Marshall- you adorable little love birds…and MODELS! Oh em gee. They are such a joy to photograph (wait til you see their WEDDING!) with a silly side and to-die-for serious faces, these two were up for anything. Since A & M have known each other since grade school, we started off at their very own elementary- we got to play on the toys and I got to slap my shin into some mean iron balance beams that were hiding on the ground when I was busy with a camera on my face! Gnarly goose egg and bruise too…but we carried on and ended up by the beautiful Boise river, where these little darlings just swooned sweetly over each other until the sun went down. We love you guys–you are SO much fun and we can’t wait to show off your beautiful winery wedding.




Ashley + Marshall // Boise Engagement Photography




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