Steph and Mitch’s wedding was many things but I will have to describe it as classic, super laid back, and very personal. With all the planning and stress that goes into a wedding, it takes a special kind of person to simply let go of control, take in the moment and really truly enjoy themselves on their wedding day. These guys knew just how to do that. It got a little windy, it rained a little but we ended up with a stunning double rainbow and through the whole day, Stephanie and Mitch were focused on one thing— their love for each other.. and humoring the photographer with little sessions here and there of course! Take a look at this lovely day and you will see what I mean. These two are definitely in it for the long haul- and for the record, the father of the bride’s toast made me tear up a little! I’m a total sap when it comes to that stuff. Enjoy.


Stephanie & Mitch- Hillcrest Country Club // Boise Wedding Photographers




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