Sometimes you just click with people! That’s how I feel about these two. Hopefully the feeling is mutual! All of a sudden we had been “shooting” mostly talking for over 2 hours at their engagement session! I still ended up with MORE than enough frames, but I can’t say we were all business, that’s for sure! But, eventually it started getting dark and we would soon be kicked out of the public park! That being said, not only did I click with Kayle and Ed— but they obviously have something pretty cool between themselves. One of those you’re-my-best-friend-but-much-more kinds of connections that is so cool.. and even more fun to photograph. Naturals in front of the camera and Ed’s glasses are really nice and don’t have any glare 😉 Always a plus! I love the playfulness in one shot, followed by the pure sentiment in the next. I can tell these guys are a perfect fit. Enjoy.


Kayle + Ed // Boise Engagement Session Photographers




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