Well folks…. Here it is! The thing you have been waiting for! The most anticipated post of the year! The one thing that everyone has been asking me about every day for months and is so excited to see…Drum roll— OUR NEW WATERMARK! Oh, and Matt and Nichole’s wedding!

Get ready for one whopper of a blog post, kids. And, you still are only seeing a snippet of how many incredible details from this shindig. I promise you’ve never seen anything like this. I sure have not— not even on the many wedding blogs that I read daily. Let’s just say, “It’s all in the details” is a major understatement. Our very own Nichole of Ampersand Studios did an impeccable job making a wedding that fits her personalityand their relationship (and coincidentally our blog!) perfectly. Just real quick to our brides… we feel ya! This isn’t easy. It sounds like fun, but then about a week before the wedding if you’re anything like Nichole you might be ready to just hop on a plane to vegas! But, yes it will all pay off.. and even though it’s over in a flash and you might not remember ANYTHING, don’t worry because your lovely photographers will preserve everything forever and ever and ever.

Now, since I got all sappy in the engagement session blog post I am going to try to refrain and keep this short so that you have more time to swoon over the photos! But, Matt & Nic—I FREAKING LOVE YOU BOTH and even though I always gave you a hard time about making me photograph your wedding, I was actually incredibly honored to be the one that you chose. I had the most wonderful time and I love shooting the two of you together. Excited to have game nights and vacations with you guys until we are all old and wrinkly. We started out roommates all living in the same house, and someday we might all end up living together again in some rad old folks home when we drive our children insane enough to send us away. BINGO NIGHT! Cheers. And enjoy the photos and detail brain overload. -Frannie


Super Day Part 1 – Matt + Nichole // Boise Wedding Photographers




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