I am pretty excited about offering this new class/workshop for my friends and family who want to learn how to use their cameras to their fullest potential. This class is designed for the BRAND NEW photography enthusiast. If you already know a lot about photography, you will probably be bored out of your mind. Maybe you just got a new DSLR camera from costco for your early Christmas present and you can barely turn it on– or perhaps you dabble in photography, but some things are a little foggy and need some clarity… this class is for you. I will be covering the basics of creating a correct exposure with digital photography and how to use the other shooting modes on your camera to manipulate the functions to create the outcome that you desire. I will also teach tips and tricks about how to take great photos of your children– the fast moving, non-cooperative little buggers that they can be. This class is not meant for professional photographers or people who are aspiring to be professional photographers…. those types of workshops cost a lot more money.. believe me, we’ve been to them! 🙂 But we think that since the technology is available to consumers, that it’s a shame most people don’t know what to do with their equipment. I am designing the course to be 4 hours long- and will provide snacks. If it ends up going over the time, that is fine– and it just might! Join us for drinks immediately after at the Twisted Timber if you want to! Thanks and I look forward to seeing some new faces among the familiar ones!



[A] is for Auto… not Awesome.




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