The image above is meant to “set the stage.” it was taken about 12 years ago at South Junior High. I stuck it in the beginning of this blog post as a reminder of how long this amazing, beautiful girl woman has been in my life. We grew up together. Now, I know for sure that I am the one in the super rad khaki-short-overalls… and I’m pretty sure that Em is the one right below me. That’s right– my rock in the junior high years. We went through a lot together– and she even dated my husband, Chris before I did! So anyway, here we are all grown up. Emilie is lucky enough to live on the gorgeous island of Honolulu, Hawaii, and she came to Boise this fall for her baby shower and to visit. My gift, a maternity session + baby gap gift card 😉 Emilie and John just had Evan and I can’t wait to meet him– but he reminded me that I’m super behind on blogging and I better get this session out there into cyber world. I love you Emilie, John and Evan! Enjoy.

And one more… I stole this one off of Emilie’s facebook page. Look at this gorgeous, strong, big boy! Love Him!


Emilie // Boise Maternity Photographer




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