Can you believe it?– Brandi’s 7 months preggers in these photos! Brandi is the lovely owner and designer for Soiree Weddings and Events, and we get the pleasure of working with her and of photographing the gorgeous events that she puts together all the time. Now it’s her time in front of the camera and we had a little too much fun out in the snow on a ferr-eeaze-ing day. Pretty much just let Kaden run around and get wet the whole time, but lucky for me– the kid can’t do a thing that isn’t totally adorable. It has been so much fun watching Kaden grow up (He’s the same age as my little guy) and now I can’t wait to meet baby ‘H’ and watch him grow up too. Stay tuned in a few short weeks for some photos of their new addition, and you better believe his nursery is going to be worth checking back for too! Thanks Brandi and Shawn, you guys have such a beautiful family. Enjoy!


Brandi, Shawn and Kaden // Boise Maternity Photographer




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