I have known Harvey (later I found out that his real name is actually “Eric Harvey”) for quite a few years now. He is one of those friends that will always be at the party, as long as there is beer.

Bonfires in the desert, and rafting down Indian Creek- even though he is a solid 6’4″ man’s man- he has no problem letting chicks haul a 200lb raft out of a creek while he walks along side with words of encouragement. Oh yes, that’s our Harvey. He sort of just rocked this whole “never getting married” thing, when deep down I could tell there was a tad of hopeless romantic in this big, burly teddy bear.

A couple years ago (I think), Harvey started bringing Amanda around. Although there have been girls in the past, Amanda just seemed to fit in right away. She was always so sweet and could hold her own, but the biggest thing I noticed is how HAPPY she made Harvey.

These two were like glue, and the next thing I knew- they told me secretly last winter that they eloped in Vegas on 12.12.12! They are finally having their reception this weekend, and I really couldn’t be happier for them. I love seeing all of my friends “growing up” and finding love. One day we will ALL be a bunch a married losers. hehem! *cough* Clark! *cough*cough* David! *cough*!

Congratulations you two!



Harvey + Amanda got hitched!




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