I am working on these two hotties’ wedding right now and realized I hadn’t blogged their engagements yet! Shame on me, because it is one of my favorites. Krista and Blake are some of the warmest people I know. From day one, they made me feel like we were already old friends and our shoot was so much fun, just chatting and laughing- plus doesn’t hurt that they are both total knockouts! 

When they were telling me stories about their relationship, I was thinking about what they had to say- everything was so nice, and GENUINE. You can tell that these two really take care of each other, and know it’s ‘right’. This month, Blake got to trade his engagement band for a wedding band! I am really excited for their future together- and I cannot wait to share more from their gorgeous DIY wedding! 


Krista + Blake // Boise Foothills Engagement




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