Seems like not that long ago, I was meeting with Courtney as a newly engage bride in our very first studio (was that 2010!?), we were flipping through albums together and laughing like old friends although we had barely met. She hired me to shoot her wedding and engagements that winter. Later that summer I showed up to the most incredible DIY wedding…honestly, probably still to date. Courtney was then the bridesmaid in two of her best friends’ weddings, that I also has the pleasure of photographing. Afterward, Courtney and I remained good friends. THEN a little over a year ago, Courtney and Justin inquired about a photography bundle since they were expecting their first baby!

I have now been photographing little Maite Jane since she was just a bump in Courtney’s belly, and we are now already at her first birthday! (Mama Courtney is STILL DIY-ing amazingness…just wait for the birthday party she has planned this weekend!)

THIS is truly why I love my job! I have met the most wonderful friends along the way. Now I get to watch little Maite (and maybe siblings some day?) grow up playing with my little guy (and maybe siblings some day?)

Courtney and Justin are some of the greatest people you will ever meet. I am so excited to watch their love grow into such a beautiful family. Stay tuned for part 2 of Maite’s First Birthday….


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