Michelle and Chad’s wedding was a lot of things, but at the top of the list, I’ve got to say— BLINGIN’! When we found out that this stunner couple was going to tie the knot inside the amazing Chandi Lighting Store in downtown Boise, we were all over it. Michelle found her vintage dress online. Every tiny bead on the dress, the broaches in her bouquet, even the mixed metals and stone jewelry that adorned Michelle’s wrists mirrored the dripping crystal and beaded chandeliers hanging all around them. Even more appropriate, the light that these two create when they are together is unmatched. I haven’t witnessed passion and caring like theirs, and the love that they show towards their mixed family is so beautiful. Together, they have 5 children and the matching tattoos that they wear on their forearms symbolize each of the children as the 5 platonic solids. Forget the “yours and mine” with these two, it’s all an “ours” outlook. I love it when a place can tell a story like theirs, and they definitely found the perfect place to seal the deal.

Might I add that Chad is like every woman’s dream husband. Yes, he’s a hair stylist at Azure downtown Boise. Ladies, how would you like a man who not only styles your hair for you every morning and proposes on bent knee every day in public? Just sayin– things could be worse!

We are so excited for these two, their family and their life ahead. We’re also pretty excited about sharing the photos! Enjoy.

Venue: Chandi Lighting Studio | Boise Idaho

Makeup: Kryssa Gough | Boise Idaho



Michelle + Chad // Boise, Idaho Chandelier Wedding




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