Here comes the biggest cliche of all time: As Chris and I stood at the front of a cruise ship looking out into the horizon with nothing but ocean as far as we could see, we watched the sunset and got blown by the wind and talked about life. You know that conversation- the same one you have when you’re looking up at the stars and everything is quiet. The one about how small we, and our problems and our stresses really are. I couldn’t help but think about how while we were standing there- millions of people were hustling around in big cities, or even just back home in Boise. At that moment, there were people stressing about work, or running late, or grinding the midnight oil. I felt silly that I was that person so often and I told myself that I wanted to bring this feeling home with me and that’s what I honestly feel like I’ve done. This was the best vacation I have ever been on. I’m all about cruising now, and I feel more refreshed and clear about what I want for my life than ever before. Maybe turning 30 has something to do with it, but the day-to-day hustle just doesn’t seem as cool as it used to. Slowing down sounds pretty cool. Here is a photo I took at the moment that I’m talking about. Take a sec and look at the water, on film- it looks like you could jump into it. Maybe I’ll enlarge this photo and hang it above my desk to remind me of the feeling.

So, anyway– this trip was just what we needed. Most of the time, we were forced to be unplugged. We didn’t pay for the internet on the cruise ship and we just soaked up all the silly activities and excursions that we could pack into 7 days. I recommend cruising to anyone who needs a quick detox like this! Do it! I loved spending a day in each of the cities that we visited. I don’t think I would have wanted to stay longer… except Cabo. I could probably live there just fine! But exploring the cities was so interesting and eye-opening. Seeing the juxtaposition of the rich tourist resorts backing the landscape of the poverty stricken towns was eye opening, and made me want to do more to give and help in some way. The beautiful Mexican culture and old fashioned values were so much fun to experience. One man saw me carting my heavy bag and said, “Mama, let me help you with that bag!” he then grabbed it and handed it to my husband and walked away saying “You American women always say ‘No, I’m good!’ well I didn’t ask if you were good- I just said let me carry your bag for you!” We all got a good laugh from that one!

We ate delicious food, played a lot of trivia, watched the Oscars on a giant screen under the stars while sitting in a hot tub, and played a little black jack. I didn’t take as many photos as I thought I would, we were just so busy having the time of our lives.

I took all of these photos through my grandfather’s 35 mm Canon film camera (pictured below in the reflection shot) Most of the images I’m sharing are far from technically perfect; I just found out that there is a coating on my lens that is coming off, and it’s having some focusing issues, therefor creating a blurry effect on the images- but I still love the deep colors and film quality, and mostly the story that they tell of the places we saw and of our time off together. Shot on the vibrant Kodak Ektar 100 35mm film. Enjoy.


Margaritas, Sunshine, and a little clarity // Frannie’s Mexican Riviera Cruise




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