Yo, Nichole here! I couldn’t try to write for the both of us because this post is loaded with pictures of Benson…ya, Frannie got a babysitter (probably because she is the smart one…jk).

As Boise natives, we truly value the local events that bring us together as a community. When I was a little kid, I remember going to the Boise River Festival (I am curious how many of you remember it, or even know what it is?) and I was heartbroken when they no longer continued with it. Years later, we are blessed with Treefort, a total breath of fresh air. I can only call it a “reinvention” of the past Boise events that we know and love, put on by good people with good intentions. Think of it as coming together as a community & enjoying good things- just with a lot more recycling. Supporting local food truck vendors, local (and some close-by) brews, nearby small-name bands, and even some fun stuff for kids to do (FORTCRAFT FTW)!

This year, I only had Saturday to spend at Treefort, and I chose to do it with my toddler, Benson…so I can only give you my experience on that, why it was GREAT and why it wasn’t as great…

Grove Street is the main area for Treefort- it is where they hold the Main Stage, Kid Fort, Food Trucks, Ale Fort, etc- then they have surrounding bars and businesses that also hold their different “forts” depending on what you want to do. Well, if you are like me- and you brought a toddler, you aren’t allowed into Alefort (which is a beer fest tent) and so the only place you are able to grab a beer in the company of a minor is the Main Stage, which requires a wristband. Since I wasn’t in a big “drinking mood,” it was fine (because I had a wristband)- but sort of a bummer that my husband had to ditch us to go into Alefort. The greatest thing about Treefort is that it can be what you want it to be- you can make it a party thing, or a family thing…my only gripe is that there isn’t much of an in-between…and although, I understand why it is set up this way- it was sort of a bummer for those of us who aren’t “regular moms”….because we’re “cool moms.” Joking aside- if I didn’t have a wristband, no beer for me.

Being stuck with a toddler lead to a reason to find other things to do: we built a cardboard fort, went to the new skate park, where they were handing out free grilled cheese sandwiches (score!) and watched the skateboarders (Benson loved that!) and then walked down to JUMP (which if you haven’t checked it out yet- GO!!!) All in all- it was a good day. 

I asked my little sister how she would describe Treefort, since she is younger and cooler than me, and she said: “It’s like a REAL music festival, but in our town.” 

OH YEAH- and I shot the entire day using the Canon 40mm 2.8 Pancake Lens —if you wanna hear my review CHECK IT OUT HERE.

In the meantime, here is our adventure at Treefort 2017. If you missed out this year YA GOTTA GO next year! 



Treefort 2017 | We Heart Boise, BIG TIME.




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