Are you a photographer, DJ, Event Planner, Florist, Maker, Network Marketer, Greeting Card Designer, etc.? Have you ever needed to build a display wall for a craft fair, bridal show, or trade-show? We have needed to do this SO MANY TIMES over the years, and we’ve done it every way in the book. We have finally figured out the easiest, lightest weight, most cost effective, and most beautiful way to build these temporary walls. Check out our video below to learn exactly how we did it! And if you have any other solutions, ideas, or questions, we’d love to hear from you in the video comments on our YouTube channel!

Also, since we’ve done dozens of these shows- and some were total hits, others were flops. We have put together the perfect system to make sure that you bring in quality leads, and make the most of your show experience.

We’re giving you a FREE DOWNLOADABLE PDF with our 3 tips for going above + beyond to have a successful show! AND an extra bonus PDF checklist so that you don’t forget anything important when packing for your show. 

We hope this is super helpful for you- we sure do wish we had a resource like this 10 years ago.



Our best tips for a successful bridal show / trade-show




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