The last time I was in this room, it was nothing but subfloor- adorned with extension cords, tools, a ladder, and a shop vac. Corinne and Kyle bought this house and have transformed it into an amazing home with their own hands! It only made sense to photograph their engagements there- and I will never forget my favorite shot of them kissing in their work clothes on the floor of their now-bedroom.

A lot has changed since I was here last. The house is beautifully finished in a craftsmanship style that is HGTV-worthy. The previously unfinished bedroom is now pristine, decorated in wedding photos, and there is a new addition who totally stole my heart.

Meet Isaac. He is squishy and sweet as can be! A few moths old now, he is loaded with personality and was giving me all the smiles and coos that I could handle!! Of course, C + K made him a nursery that should be all over Pinterest!

I don’t think anything could explain how much it means to us when we get to document a sliver of each chapter. These little moments mean the world! Best job in the world.

Congrats Weathermon family!!


Corinne + Kyle welcome baby Isaac




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