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Hi! I'm Frannie! 
Let's get personal...

+ I am the proud mother of 2 boys- Ages 5 and 10.
+ I'm married to my JR. HIGH SCHOOL sweetheart.
+ I love Snowboarding, Craft Beer, and any kind of Shopping!
+ I use explanation points excessively! I'm not yelling at you!
+ I'm not a procrastinator. I'm deadline driven.
+ I'm a LATE Night owl
+ I'd rather buy it than make it.
+ I love potatoes. Any and all kinds! (most of all, Au gratin)
+ I LOVE Garth Brooks, Joni Mitchell, Billy Joel, and that song about buying a brand new pair of roller skates!

Frannie Wilson

Hi I'm Nichole!
How 'bout we get right to it...

+ I am a mom to 2 sweet boys
+ My husband and I have a secret language of inside jokes
+ I set my alarm for 5:30 every morning- and then snooze for an hour.
+ I watch the Bachelor/Bachelorette so I know everyone on Bachelor in Paradise
+ I'm a Connoisseur of Bloody Marys
+ I am extremely thrifty, and would rather make it than buy it.
+ I'm from a creative home. My mom is an art teacher, + my sister is an illustrator
+ I'm A bit of a health food junky, but rarely turn down nacho cheese
+ I was Born and raised in Idaho, yet only a fan of the warm & dry seasons
+ Audiobooks and Podcasts are my jam, but NonFiction only 

Nichole Schoener



Our style has been defined as light + airy, classic, and candid. We do pose our subjects, and shoot for the most flattering outcome- however we do not pose people in a way that you wouldn't naturally find yourselves. We watch for raw and authentic body language and reactions. We love to give our couples and subjects a "starting point" and let their personalities take over.

We are very detail oriented, and love to give each little thing it's own hero shot. With a background in design + branding, our goal is to portray the overall feeling and aesthetic of your event or business.

Our Style

Enough about us!


You may have noticed that the wedding photography industry has crammed a bunch of it's craziest members into a Delorian like a little clown car-- us included-- and taken us back a few decades to the time and world of FILM photography! 

Our film journey started in college, when we studied black + white as well as color film darkroom process at Boise State University. Many a nights we spend in our bathrooms with towels shoved under the cracks in the door, and cardboard over the window to make mini labs where we could process our film. It was a messy, smelly, wet, time-consuming, and expensive process... but a beautiful one. The pure joy that we would experience when we would get back into the darkroom to expose the negatives (if they turned out of course!) was like being a kid on Christmas morning. Of course there were many a rolls that didn't make it, and lots of frustration as well- like all great things!

When we started our business in 2009, digital was the way to go! The technology was making things so much easier for photographers (not nearly as easy as it is now) and so we invested all of our money into the best of the best digital equipment. Slowly, all the local film labs started phasing out. Say goodbye to even consumer based "1-hour photo labs" like Costco and Walgreens. Just- nobody was shooting on film anymore. And it appeared that film had died. 

Meanwhile, there were a few marvels hard a work to keep the medium alive. People like [obviously] the film companies, but also the Impossible Project who slaved to save Polaroid film, Jonathan Canlas who is one of our favorite photographers and idols, and a handful of other passionate believers just never gave up on it. 

Well folks, it's back and with a vengeance! Given the immediacy, accuracy, and editing capabilities that digital photograph provides-- there's just something about digital that doesn't even come close to touching the beauty of film images.

At weddings, we'll be shooting film and digital throughout your day. With the cost of the film itself, shipping to the lab, and then the cost of the developing and scanning-- each image costs us about $3. So, still it's not realistic to shoot an entire wedding on film. We will use our experience and expertise to decide which is best for each changing lighting scenario throughout the day, and often shoot both mediums throughout the day. We then use the film scans that we get back as a reference point to edit our digital images. Overall, we want your entire wedding (film + digital images) to look as close to film as possible. In turn, this will provide a more timeless look and feel that will provide images that you'll love forever. 

Think of it as listening to a vinyl record compared to music on your bluetooth speakers. Maybe the sound on the high-tech device is a little more clear, maybe it's a little more technically pronounced. But the sound coming from the record has another layer or depth. The spontaneous crackles and imperfections are what you love about it. And the milky, smooth, creaminess makes it just that much more yummy. 

Below is a comparison of an image of a bouquet. The image on the left was shot on a Contax 645 and is the scan straight from the lab, shot on Fuji 400-H 120 Film. On the right, the same image is an edited digital- shot on the Canon 5DmIV. Note: both images were shot at aperture f2.0. Click the image to see it larger. While both photographs are beautiful, can you see that little extra yumminess in the left image? MMMmmm! We sure can!

Gearin' up

film gear

+ contax 645
+ pentax 645n
+ pentax 67ii
+ pentax k1000 35mm
+ canon eos1 35mm

105mm f2.4
80mm f2.0
80mm f2.8
50mm f1.2

digital gear

+ canon 5d miv
+ fuji xt2

-canon l series lenses-
+ 5omm f1.2
+ 35mm f1.4
+ 35MM F1.4
+ 24-70mm f2.8
+ 24-70MM F2.8
+ 135mm f2.0
+ 45mm ts/e f2.8
+ 70-200mm f2.8
+ 70-200MM F2.8

heyo! We get asked by clients and other photographers more often than we ever thought, what kind of gear we shoot with- so here it is!

We'd love to geek out over gear with ya, so hit us up for questions or recommendations! but for now,
a list of our bodies and lenses will give you an idea
of the array of our collection.

Why Film?

we'd love to hear about you